4 things Grad School taught me that the best Event Managers should already know (VIDEO)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Silvia Pellegrini at Events Uncovered, a great online space for event experts to meet, discuss, learn and share their knowledge of the industry.

In our video interview, I review some of the key marketing concepts discussed in my Masters Program at NYU, and how they relate to the world of event management.

〔Episode 46〕4 things Grad School teaches that Event Managers should know -Marianne Bunton
Video interview for Events Uncovered

In the second part of the interview (members only content) I talk in more detail about sponsorship activation – an area of specialization that I am particularly passionate about. The majority of corporate events are only possible with the support of sponsors, and as event organizers, we are in a position to maximize their involvement and help them achieve their return on investment.  Moreover, with meaningful integration, sponsors can really enhance the event experience for all guests. Silvia and I discuss how this can be done within a framework for managing all partners’ expectations, understanding your audiences needs, and being creative.

I welcome your comments and feedback, along with any insights that you’ve learnt along the way!