A Few Personal Updates

How quickly things change.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was the new kid on the grad school block, struggling to navigate my way around the New York subway system.  But here I am two years later, one masters degree wiser, with a green card in hand and a world of opportunity at my feet.

Diet Coke NY Subway Campaign 2013

What else has changed?  Quite a bit I realise now that I’m updating all the necessary social profiles.

  •  Grad Student → Graduate in Marketing AnalyticsStatistics was definitely a challenge, but when those numbers provide insights into consumer behavior, they suddenly become illuminating.
  • High-Functioning Introvert → Super-Aware Extrovert.  I always knew I was on the cusp of the spectrum and but my Myers-Briggs test recently confirmed a nagging suspicion that I am actually an extrovert.  While I definitely like to take my time to read people and situations, I also thrive on the energy created when engaging with others.  I’ve been working as part of several client teams recently and it has reminded me how rewarding it is to build long-term relationships, to be surrounded by talent,  and to help each other achieve higher goals.

What hasn’t changed?

  • I’m all about people.  As a marketeer, customers rule.  As a third culture kid and global consultant,  cultural differences are fascinating.  As a digital junkie, it’s human needs that drive innovation.
(My talented friend Nick Tay made me an honorary Asian overachiever)
  • I’m still learning, infectiously curious, and always looking for new projects to challenge myself.
  • I’m a Citibiker. I’ve been an advocate and a card carrying member for two years now.
  • I’m still a list-maker.  Obviously.