Hello World!


Hi, I’m Marianne, and I’m delighted to finally be starting a blog.  It’s been on the to-do list for some time now.  But as is often the case, that to-do list looks more like a bunch of aspirations, a wish-list of the things I think I really ought to do…. some other time.

So today I embark on the blogging adventure, all thanks to the Digital Marketing course I’m taking this semester.  I’m very passionate about digital marketing and the empowerment that comes from the tools now available to us online.

When I started my own business as an events consultant I was thrown in at the deep-end, suddenly without an IT department to create websites, manage databases and send email blasts.  I was thrilled to learn how much more effectively I could be when creating these communications myself, and most importantly, I could see the results.

Of course, with this power comes responsibility, and I’m also very concerned with the way that these tools can too easily be abused: marketeers turn into spammers, and consumers are compressed into sets of data.  I believe that best practices should be celebrated and shared. In my own career, I want to use digital marketing for good, rather than evil!

I plan to use this space to share with you my thoughts and analysis on the world of digital marketing, as well as the culture that influences it.  I might also share my reviews and recommendations of books I’ve read, music I love, and events that I attend.

As with all my social media contributions, I can promise you, the reader, that everything I share I consider to be worthy of your time – either because it’s interesting, important, thought-provoking, or hilarious.  I hope you agree!

Here goes…